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The Hypocrisy of the 99% of Those Who Claim Suicide is Immoral

The main argument of people who believe suicide is immoral is because of some belief that one cannot choose where / when they die because to do so is to play “God”.  However, if we look at modern medicine, isn’t the entire purpose to prolong life through artificial means, therefore giving us more choice in where / when we die?  In this regard, one who believes suicide is immoral must also believe any sort of medicine, preventive or reactive, is inherently immoral in the same way that suicide is.  We all believe that one has a right to life, does not a man or woman’s right to their own life include the right to end that life?  Your body does not belong to a deity imagined by the masses, it belongs to you and to no one else.  The notion that suicide and assisted suicide are illegal is absurd and insulting.  Society has constructed a big “game” that is life and it is the great misfortune that everyone must play.  If you do not play the game you are an enemy to the system and this is the case whether you wish to commit suicide or whether you simply wish to not be a part of the vast machine culture you were born into.  Nonconformity has effectively become rebellion

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